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  • Girl of the Week

    Our girls of the week are Melissa Losada and Marcela Velez, the design duo behind handbag line M2MALLETIER. The stylish pair celebrated their new collection recently with an exclusive event at Bergdorf Goodman, where they premiered their Medieval-inspired bold geometric designs and released special editions of their classic Amor Fati satchel in bright new colors. The bags are already favorites of fashion mavens Paula Maldonado, Danielle Prescod and Indre Rockefeller, who co-hosted the event.

  • Wrapped Up in Summer

    Ah summer in New York, you sweat the minute you step outside and freeze as soon as you’re back in doors. That’s why during the hot months scarves become a girl’s best friend. Light enough to not weigh you down in the sun, but perfect for blocking aggressive AC, get them in bright colors and lightweight fabrics for the perfect summer accessory. Tie them around your neck or purse for a pop of color, or come Saturday at the beach, wrap them around your hair to protect your locks from the rays or around your waist for a make-shift sarong. We’re personally in love with Anthropologie’s South Pacific Scarf, the different colored blues make it ideal for all that Hamptons white.

  • Weekly Culture

    DeWain Valentine’s exhibition of 1960’s and 1970’s work opens at David Zwirner this Tuesday. The minimalist sculptor is famous for pioneering the use of industrial plastics and glass in his installations, and his monumental structures are associated with the Light and Space Movement of the 60s. Having exhibited at both the MoMA and the San Diego Museum of Art, this latest exhibit promises to be something special.

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