Zadig & Voltaire Checks into The Mark Hotel.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It’s safe to say that Parisian chic has officially invaded the Upper East side.  There is Maison Laduree for those with an insatiable sweet tooth.  And now – a mere few blocks up Madison –  cult French brand Zadig & Voltaire has checked into The Mark Hotel.

In celebration of the U.S. Flagship Store opening, the chic, eclectic label planned something a little different from the prototypal assembly line store party.  Rather, in keeping with the free-spirited nature of the line, the label invited AVENUEinsider as part of a group of select editors and bloggers for an intimate afternoon of fashion and fun at the beloved boutique property.

Just how fashionable and fun was this afternoon of intrigue?  When AVENUEinsider arrived at the store, we were told to grab everything that caught our eye – with the assurance that bags would be at the ready for those who were, perhaps, a tad too enthusiastic.  After that, we headed to a coveted suite to dress-up, dress-down, and dress all around so that we could choose the Zadig item that must get checked out of the store, and into our closet.

For this writer, there actually wasn’t all that much dressing up, dressing down, or decision making in general.  In a very uncharacteristic move, I knew what I wanted the minute I saw it.  It was a python blazer that fit to perfection and even looked good over what I was already wearing.  So that proved a most easy decision.

But even though I had already “checked out” my item of choice, The Mark Suite was still calling. So, with my new blazer in tow, I made my way up to the coveted quarters – along with a few others like’s Amina Akhtar.  We were immediately greeted with Champagne (Tattinger’s) and macarons (Laduree, but of course) as well as a state of the art stereo system.  Which put us all the more in the mood to video montage, instagram pose, and tweet as we played with clothes, drank bubby, and indulged in our first love – fashion!


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