Kipton Cronkite, 39, Marries Laurence Kaiser, 69. But there’s more…

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Kipton Cronkite, Zev Eisenberg

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We are all for gay weddings, but were a little shocked when we read in Page Six that social fixture and “KiptonArt” founder Kipton Cronkite, 39, had married real estate tycoon 69-year-old Laurence Kaiser. The 30-year difference is a little Anna Nicole Smith-ish, but the real surprise is that until very recently Cronkite (who was also outed for not being related, at all, to the Walter Cronkite family) was dating a very cute, sweet, young guy named Zev Eisenberg from Nebraska. Cronkite married Kaiser on Tuesday in Greenwich, CT before a single witness. Allegedly, Cronkite and Kaiser had a seven month whirlwind romance – which further perplexes us because we spotted Cronkite and Eisenberg together numerous times in the past few months. They were photographed just last October 28th at the El Museo Young International Circle party together. And even though their body language isn’t exactly lovey-dovey, isn’t it a bit odd to attend numerous over-photographed parties with your ex at your side? Stay tuned for more.

  • Anonymous

    At this rate we’ll just have to watch and see how this particular (investment) marriage plays out, but our guess is there’s going to be a lot of running around from one tete a tete to another, the open question being will there be other little chipmunks getting involved and making this ‘interesting’ marriage a tad more (salacious) interesting…?

  • Aunt Jemima

    scallydouche you are so stupid. Please learn how to write legibly.

  • Cornholio

    POOR ZEV kipton is gross. No shame whatsoever. Beyond declasse.

  • Jack

    kipton is cool and fun. he has worked for many years in finance and art to help struggling artists. all the press should just leave him alone. it’s all very silly and gossipy. he deserves to be happy with whomever he wants and i wish kipton all the very best.