Avenue Moment: Christopher Mason on Andy Warhol’s Memorial (Bubble Pink Floors, The Stones, Debbie Harry!)

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Christopher Mason

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Christopher Mason

Christoper Mason, writer:


I was in charge of organizing the lunch that followed Andy Warhol’s memorial service in 1987. Everyone went to St. Patrick’s and then they trooped to the Paramount Hotel—Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager had just bought it, and Robert Isabell did the most extraordinary job turning it into this sort of fantasy playland. He made the floor bubble gum pink, painted the walls and the gothic-looking ceiling silver, then hung this enormous painting that apparently was the last thing Andy worked on—ironically it, was “The Last Supper.” It was an amazing party directly after the service. The DJ was there and Debbie Harry walked in playing her music and then the Rolling Stones walked in, the Ramones. It was an extraordinary time.

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    HmmmI was 9

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    I was 11.. but there in spirit

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    Dear Ave Insider, please change the font colour of your onfocus Disqus box to to black, as white on white is …. invisible

  • Anita Sarko

    i was the “DJ”: FYI. i was hidden behind the giant painting by dear fred so no one would see me. rubell told me that the reason fred hid me was because he heard fred taking credit for the music whenever anyone commented on it. actually, i had a GREAT party going on behind the painting (“what the hell are you doing HERE?” everyone was asking)