Wedding Bells: Dax Miller and Alexandra Von Furstenberg

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Dax Miller, Alexandra Von Furstenberg

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Dax Miller, Alexandra Von Furstenberg

Alexandra Von Furstenberg, who is the youngest of the three fabulous Miller sisters, including Pia and Marie-Chantal, who were much photographed when all three were living in New York – is becoming a Miller again. But not because she is dropping her married last name (she was married and has three children to Alexandre von Furstenberg)  – rather Von Furstenberg (who designs furniture in Los Angeles under the name Alexandra Von Furstenberg) is marrying handsome Dax Miller, the head of an eponymous design firm in Southern California.

The couple who have been dating for a while announced the news over the weekend and of course dozens of Facebook congratulations followed. Expect a very good looking wedding.

  • bob lablaw

    She has 3 children with Alex VF?? I thought just 2.

  • Kate

    not only is she just with two kids she is also nasty and he is a looser. match made in heaven for the two of them and they know it. her family hates him and she is a living nightmare to work with, talk with and to be next too! ask anyone…. good luck DAX hope you have a nice agreement with her father….. my guess is you are not even invited to the islands unless you are i your own hotel….

    • Dax Miller

       You should be more careful with your posts. IP addresses are easily obtained and, well… see you soon.

  • Lottierum

    funny how noone mentions that she went to dwight h.s in nyc and that she was dumb as dirt even the teachers said thank god she has her father’s money and yes she was not the sweetest thing in h.s