25 Sexiest New Yorkers 2012

Crowning the sexiest New Yorkers is not an exact science. In fact, it’s not even an inexact science. There is definitely plenty of room for argument when awarding this particular title. Being sexy in New York—a town built on fierce competition and startling accomplishment—is a feat in and of itself. New Yorkers are known to be chic, edgy, smart and ambitious to the point of ruthlessness—all great traits, but not exactly expressways to sexiness. So, it is a rare New Yorker who also has that extra “it” factor, that kittenish irrestibility quotient. Still, we found the 25 New Yorkers who leave us agape. They have that combination of beauty, brains and bodies to die for, with a dash of confidence, elegance and power swirled into one. We may not be able to define or measure “sexy,” but we know it when we see it. 1.  Anderson Cooper 2.  Alejandro Santo Domingo 3.  Alexandra Richards 4.  Nacho Figueras 5.  Diana Taylor 6.  James Franco 7.  Rachel Roy 8.  Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld 9.  Stavros Niarchos 10. Liv Tyler 11. Jessica Chastain 12. Matt Bomer 13. Jamie Johnson 14. Jon Stewart 15. Prince Phillip Radziwill 16. Heather Mnuchin 17. Liya Kebede 18. Sophie Pera 19. Lily Kwong 20. Solange Knowles 21. Allison Aston 22. Ashley Wicks 23. Natalia Echavarria 24. Andrew Lauren 25. Keith Leiberthal (Juliana Margolis’ husband)