4 Questions of NYFW (Take #19: Veronica Beard)

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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What does the brand who gave the world the Dickey jacket do to further inspire classic style? Introduce jeans and shoes. Veronica Beard did just that at their Fall 2017 presentation at the Jane Hotel as a part of New York Fashion Week. Here, founders Veronica S. Beard and Veronica M. Beard answer AVENUE’s four New York Fashion Week questions, and give us some insight onto their upcoming line:


A women’s outfit isn’t complete without                    .

Veronica S: Awesome jeans

Veronica M: Awesome boots


What is the purpose of Fashion Week shows?

Veronica S: To connect with people—our friends, our customers, the buyers, the editors. A presentation is important because it allows us to really be able to speak about our collection instead of just having a walk down a runway.

Veronica M: It’s important to show your distinction in the market. How are different lines evolving? How is it different form the next brand? Shows provide energy and excitement for the customer.


What would you do to improve Fashion Week?

Veronica S: It’s a beast. It’s a boulder rolling down the hill and it just gets bigger. I don’t think you can control it, and dictating who can participate isn’t fair either.

Veronica M: I think we’ve got to keep it alive. We need to do what we can to have something Fashion Week. There’s something to be said for being at a show and seeing the clothes. And we should do what we can to keep it alive.


What does fashion say about the state of the U.S.?

Veronica S: Democratic. There are so many brands that serve so many different people at different price points. You can find your niche.

Veronica M: We’re very much behind women. And I think it’s very American to be doing that right now.


Why is now the right time to introduce jeans and shoes?

Veronica S: We’ve always wanted to have them. It’s just been a matter of the right timing. We really wanted to complete a uniform. We’ve established that with the jacket. That’s our go-to piece. And now she has the jeans and the boots to go with it.


What made you choose this space?

Veronica S: This was very much in the vibe of the collection. It’s cozy and it’s sexy. Sort of wintery. We get very good vibes here


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