A Champagne Toast for De Beers

by Wendy Sy Photographed by J Grassi
Thursday, March 2, 2017
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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and the old adage proved to be true last night at a party thrown by AVENUE and De Beers.

Celebrating De Beers’ Madison Avenue boutique, which opened last December, guests took the opportunity to try on gems throughout the evening while enjoying champagne and canapés. The contemporary-designed space occupies two stories in a townhouse on the Upper East Side. In a display case alongside the staircase leading up to the bridal salon, is the brand’s Sakkara necklace, later worn by several guests for Instagram posts, but of course! With a deep V shape, the piece features 2,285 diamonds intricately set in a fine mesh of white gold.

Back on the first floor, the ubiquitous Jean Shafiroff was admiring jewelry under the crystal chandelier by the entrance. “Look at this beautiful brooch. Could you imagine that on a ball gown?” she says. “I personally would love a pink diamond ring, but I’ll settle for the hope.” It wasn't clear if she meant the Hope Diamond or merely her hope that her husband Martin would surprise her with the pink ring.

A blow-up of AVENUE's March fashion issue cover featuring Julia Restoin Roitfeld by the store entrance gave guests a sneak peek of the freshly-redesigned magazine.

Among the crowd were Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, Jacqueline Kent Cooke, Roy Kean, Mark and Susan Bozek, Susan Greenfield, Pooja Johari, Amanda Kahn, Barbara Hodes, Claudia Avendano, Jamie Antolini, Liana Silverstein BackalJane ScherMontgomery Frazier and Ben Mindich, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, and Suzanne Latapie.

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