A chic lesson on anatomy from Young&Ng

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Zealand native Michelle Ng has only been in the US for a year now, and yet already she has taken over the fashion scene with Young&ng; the designers’ ultra-chic line of couture jewelery and head-pieces. With the Royal Wedding and the Veuve Clicquot Polo Match on the forefront of trend forecasters minds this summer, Ng’s whimsical yet edgy collection of crowns, combs, and my personal favourite, a gun-metal yarmulke with Swarovski detailing, are a must-have for us Insiders, and a perfect addition to any chic, summer wardrobe.

Ng’s most recent collection is a study of juxtaposition, as rough and edgy materials like gun-metal and antique gold are paired with delicate Swarovski crystals on intricate headpieces and stunning cuffs. Based around the anatomy of the human body, the collection brings out the beauty (literally) inside all of us. “Details such as ruby Swarovski crystals and intricate metal work act as subtle reminders of blood cells and bones, distinctively conveying an admiration of the perfection contained within the human form…”

Biology lesson aside, this Insider can’t wait to get her hands (and head) on this intricate and ultra-chic collection. We may not have another Royal Wedding in sight for quite a while, but I’ll be finding any excuse to crown myself in one of these beauties.


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