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A Concert for Conservation

Monday, October 30, 2017
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Nile Rodgers


Lexi Bowes Lyon, the newly appointed Philanthropy Director, USA, of Space for Giants has dedicated the last several years of her life to the conservation of the African wild.

“Conservation has progressively become an important topic of conversation as the concept of space and the value it has holds an increasing importance in our world today” Lyon said. “Elephants have always held a place in my heart, not only because they truly are one of the most intriguing and intelligent species out there, but also because of what they stand for in the world of conservation. They are a keystone species and if we lose them, we lost not only the other species in their habitat but in many cases, the habitat itself.”

On November 2, 600 people will have the chance to party the night away at Brooklyn Bowl with Space for Giants. Hosting a one night only event, Stampede of Sound, aims to raise $1 million to stop the poaching of elephants in Africa.

Every three elephants that roamed Africa just 10 years ago have since been killed for its ivory. That’s one every 25 minutes. According to Space for Giants, at that rate of slaughter and with increasing human populations encroaching on the space elephants need to survive, the world’s largest land mammal could go extinct.

Space for Giants is trying to stop that. It only takes $100 to protect an elephant in the African wild for a year. The event has a goal of raising $1 million, which would equate to 10,000 elephants protected after just one night.

Space for Giants is relatively new to the United States, perhaps best known here for their annual ‘March for Giants’ campaign where thousands of personalized Elephants cross billboards in New York City, Hong Kong and London. But they have done plenty of major events elsewhere.

“In London, HRH The Duke of Cambridge hosted a small dinner for us last year, which was followed by a Christmas party we held at the House of Lords.” Lyon said. “In the countries where we work in Africa, we’re even busier. Just this month in Uganda, we staged an investment forum for global ecotourism operators, aiming for new infrastructure to pump money into protecting the country’s wilderness areas.”

“I was drawn to Space for Giants for their short-term work in protecting elephants but mostly for their long-term objective of securing space—so that we will have protected these ‘magical Edens’ on Earth that home so many incredible creatures” Lyon said. “To imagine a world without space and wilderness and the magnificent creatures that fill them is unfathomable to me.”

At Stampede for Sound Chic featuring Nile Rodgers headlines to concert, and with a VIP ticket attendees will be able to participate in a pre-event cocktail party that includes dinner, free drinks all night, and a VIP bowling competition.

“Everyone does galas so we wanted to switch it up and do something different.” Lyon said. “Your average person has an attention span of 20 minutes so as a charity we must come up with different ways to engage our supporters. People love bowling and it’s something they can actively participate in and feel good while doing. If they have a good time, they will hopefully come to support the next one.”


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