A FABulous Dinner

by AVENUE insider Photographed by Emily Holt, Lynn Yaeger
Wednesday, March 30, 2016

On March 23, past and present Vogue editors, art crowd regulars, and varied stylish fashionistas gathered at Lower East Side’s Happy Ending for a night that marked the beginning of hosting Designer Dinner Series.

The inaugural event hosted by Vogue’s former fashion news editor Emily Holt, was attended by the well heeled crew of the fashion world, including Chloe Malle, Lynn Yaeger, Rickie De Sole, Jeff Rogers, Tracey Tanner, Caeden and Aelfie, Hisham Bharoocha, Grace Fuller, Sarah Cristobal, Drew Elliott, Renee Wong, and more.

Holt, who is the recent creative director in residence at, was seen chatting with the notable attendees, catching up over Stellas and snacks in the venue’s green leather banquettes. Dinner guests got a special treat from the illustrator Leah Goren, who painted attendees’ portraits on personalized notebooks.

As the guests sunk into their booths and conversation flowed lively, David Gatz spun some fun tunes to get everyone in the jovial, cozy Brooklyn gastropub-like state of mind, and it became clear that this was the beginning of many more fabulous dinners to come from Designer Dinner Series.

Photos by Hunter Abrams/


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