A Long Night at Tanya Bonakdar

Sunday, January 8, 2017

The art world gathered at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery for the opening of Charles Long’s b 4 u, an exhibition of new sculptures marking the artist’s eleventh exhibition with the gallery. Executed in platinum silicone rubber and mirror-polished stainless steel, these six pedestal works connect the history of figurative and abstract sculpture with the peculiarities of what we imagine the body might be, given the rapid proliferation of new realms into which its image, and ourselves, may drift.

Art speak is everywhere these days. Heineken at an art party is something you don’t see everyday. But the real attention that night–aside from the art–was the dude in the black bowler hat with two giant safety pins attached to the front. In addition to being an art exhibit, the evening appeared to be a competition for best all-black outfit.

Long clearly has something going for him, as he was able to draw a massive crowd on one of the coldest nights so far this winter. Perhaps a little silicone and steel is all you need .

Long remarks “b 4 u is for and about the viewer. Originally I imagined this experiment as some kind of ‘exposure therapy’ through a hyper-recursive looping of the body. In any case, I hoped to remove much of the escape routes toward topicalities and rationality in favor of delivering a new sculptural experience, one that bares the peculiarities of being a thing at this moment in time.”

Now, pass me a Heineken, please.

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