A New Kind of Eyewear: David Kind

Monday, June 16, 2014
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Finding the perfect pair of glasses that frame your face just right and provide good, quality lenses can be quite a search. Either the frames are too big or too small, or too wide or too skinny, or the customer service associate helping you is really no help at all. Lucky for you AVENUE insiders, we’ve found your fix.

It’s called DAVID KIND. The company was created to eliminate the frustration and time accompanied with purchasing eyewear. It’s luxurious. It’s quality. It’s personalized. It’s the best shopping experience for you.

Once you sign up, they pair you with an expert stylist who takes into consideration your face shape and personal style and they select six pairs for you to try on.

Each pair is meticulously hand-crafted in Italy or Japan using the company’s 26 fit point system. Once you select your favorite pair, they finish them with your prescription and voil√†; you have a perfectly personalized designer pair of glasses within five business days.

Founder and CEO of DAVID KIND Dave Barton wanted nothing but perfection for his customers throughout their experience. He has over 13 years of prestige and success in designing eyewear and has introduced over 500 different designs.

His colleague and DAVID KIND Lead Stylist Trish Quinn has five years of eyewear styling up her sleeve and has worked with an extensive list of A-listers during her tenure. She pays extra attention to detail and provides a one-of-a-kind, unsurpassed customer experience.

What are you waiting for? Check out DAVID KIND today and get your own stylish specs!


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