A Subscription Like No Other

Thursday, October 11, 2012
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Fretting over what to get the man in your life this holiday season? Whether it’s a father, brother, husband, boyfriend, or just a friend we’ve discovered the perfect holiday gift for the man of style. Introducing, Svbscription—a kuxury lifestyle service for men, providing each customer with quality, hand-picked items that are timeless and rare. Targeted to a the man who appreciates “the finer things in life,” this service works much like a magazine subscription. Every three months, a stylish parcel is delivered to your doorstep, featuring curated items from brands from around the world, such as Steven Alan (New York), Want les Essentials de la Vie (Montreal), Malin + Goetz (New York) and Tableux Argentes Publishing (Berlin).

Svbscription mandate focuses on the concept of curation. Each parcel is specially themed, delivering unique, high end items that one might not generally think to seek out. As their mandate states; “Our mission is to connect our audience with brands and experiences of the highest taste levels.” Think Steve McQueen meets Ryan Gosling. Dries van Noten meets London’s Saville Row.

The group of dapper gentleman behind this exciting service each carry a unique and relevant resumé of experiences and expertise. I met with head buyer and creative director Sam Wheeler—a consultant to high-end clients like Hermés, Barneys, DVF and Madewell—who founded the company along with CEO Andrew Apostola and VP of Marketing and Editorial Marc Goldenfein. Upon meeting Wheeler and Dino Siampos, a fellow Svbscription team member and co-founder of the aforementioned consulting business, Aux Armes, it became quite clear that what this service provides is an escape from the all-too fast-paced and web-saturated culture we’re surrounded by. From the presentation of each parcel—imagine my surprise when a large wooden box, nailed shut and requiring a crow bar to open arrived at my office—to the somewhat nostalgia-tinged products included, Svbscription provides a return to the timeless elegance oftrue product. Items with not only monetary value, but an element of timeless elegance.

So when it comes time to cross off your shopping list this holiday, steer clear of the lines and consider purchasing this quarterly subscription for your loved one. To risk ruining this all with a cliché, it truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

Head over to www.svbscription.com


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