Abe’s Not Best Dressed List

by Abe Gurko Photographed by britney-spears
Tuesday, August 9, 2011
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We live by the words of Alexander Pope: “To err is human; to forgive, divine.”

Please visit Abe’s website, I Mean…What?!? for your daily dose of things that make you go “Hmmm” and follow us on Twitter @imeanwhat. NOTE: This list does not represent the opinions of the editorial team of Avenue.

Not that showing a little nipple matters, what does, is this umbrella turned skirt that Nicki Minaj wore on Good Morning America. Last week, a contestant on Project Runway made something similar... but better.

Tika Sumpter and Jason Derulo clashed and burned.

Cate Blanchett should know better, and when I say better, I mean, know when something fits or not. In every shot, the gold lacy part of this dress is bagging and looks terrible.

Don't get me wrong, if I could spend my life in pajamas, I would, but Rachel Roy's stitch-for-stitch knock-off of a JC Penney men's PJ Set that usually comes wrapped in plastic is questionable at best. Unless of course, this is a PJ set from JC Penney. And if so, two snaps up.

And now, a message from (not kidding here) Singer/Actor/ Model David Deen. This guy is so in love with himself, that you can find his photo shoot online and brech while perusing. (Brech = vomit in Yiddish)

Is it me or does Selena Gomez look like a cougar in a bad bathing suit cover-up next to Justin Beiber?

Train wreck, occasional singer and former glamor model Katie Price has launched her signature fashion collection. Here she sports a Frederick's of Hollywood inspired kitten with a whip dress and feather shoulder epaulets for that extra Grrrrr.

Last week I noted that I was seeing stars on the red carpet, literally not figuratively. The trend continues. Now we have stars in stars with stars for stars. I'm dizzy.

Who isn't rooting for Britney Spears? But she is now looking older than Madonna and needs to revisit the wardrobe situation.

Note to Vanessa Carlton: Try not to match the step and repeat. Girl, had you not worn that white wife-beater, no one would have seen you arrive on the red carpet.

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