American Wedding of the Century: Lady Charlotte Wellesley and Alejandro Santo Domingo

Friday, May 27, 2016
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With Memorial Day Weekend on the horizon, most of New York’s social elite are anxiously preparing to re-introduce white into their wardrobes. But a select few will be in attendance at a fete across the pond, where only one guest of honor will be in white—the wedding of Lady Charlotte Wellesley and Alejandro Santo Domingo. The happy couple were engaged last year, and they’ll toast to their nuptials on May 29 at the Church of the Incarnation in Illora, Spain, near Granada, with a reception to follow at the Duke of Wellington’s nearby country estate.

As we countdown to the American wedding of the century, here’s are the facts, by the numbers:

3,685: Miles between New York and Granada, Spain
40: Minutes drive between Granada and Illora
10,000: Population of Illora, Spain
200: Number of guests anticipated to attend
1 Pop singer expected to attend—smooth crooner James Blunt. He is also the husband of Sofia Wellesley, Lady Charlotte’s cousin.
7: Ushers we assume will be in attendance.
4: Number of siblings Lady Charlotte has. Good luck to the photographer to get everyone in the same shot!
1: Number of people from the Casiragihi family in attendance. As in Andrea Casiraghi, who is married to Tatiana Santo Domingo.
199: Number of guests we assume will indulge a little too much over the course of the weekend, therefore:
0: Number of mobile, picture-taking devices we imagine guests will be able to bring into the event. Drat!
5: Number of centuries the Church of the Incarnation has been standing
3960: Number of pounds the Duke of Wellington has donated to finance the restoration of the church tower
5.1: Net worth, in billions, of Alejandro Santo Domingo, according to Forbes
25: Age of Lady Charlotte Wellesley
39: Age of Alejandro Santo Domingo
1: National ranking of the universities the bride and groom attended in their respective countries. Harvard, meet Oxford.
6: Number of days friends and family will have spent toasting the couple, including a three-day engagement party and a three-day wedding celebration
Eternity: Number of days the happy couple will remain blissfully in love

Photo by Kelly Taub/


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