Amy Adores…NMRKT

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NMRKT Behind-the-scenes
In a cyber-jungle of monotonous blogs and e-stores, it seems impossible to find anything that really stands out or draws you in. Unless of course you combine all of the elements that drive us to obsess over the internet and combine them into one kick-ass web experience. Enter NMRKT, the brain child of a group of pals in downtown New York, and the latest in online shopping experiences. An interactive, shoppable eMagazine that actually lets you shop through stylized short-films and blog posts. That’s right, you watch beautiful people wander the streets of Manhattan and like magic, *click*, a hand-selected assortment of men’s and women’s clothing is at your fingertips. So do yourself a favor and check this innovative site out here. And once you’re addicted (like this Insider is), you can keep up with the gang on twitter or facebook too.

Happy shopping!


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