An Eco-Conscious Toast to Arden

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
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Just as the St. Patrick’s Day festivities were winding down on Monday, a certain group of downtown darlings were getting ready for a decidedly different kind of celebration.

A cross section of notables from the art, fashion, film, and music worlds headed down to the Bowery’s Salon Hecho at Hecho en Dumbo to toast Arden Wohl‘s vegan fall 2014 line for cruelty free shoe brand Cri de Coeur.  Wohl’s good friend Derek Blasberg co-hosted the casual supper, where he unofficially held court at a front booth near the bar, along with Nicky Hilton, Chris Bollen, Claire Bernard, and Zani Gugelmann.

Throughout the evening, Cory Kennedy, Jessica Stam, Tennessee Thomas, Dustin Yellin, Karen Erickson, Stephen Petronio, and Jen Brill sipped on Avion Tequila cocktails and supped on the restaurant’s crowd pleasing and surprisingly hearty vegan Mexican fare. To cool off, there were endless supplies of Organic Gemini‘s Guarana Energy drinks.

Glass casements of Wohl’s designs were displayed throughout the venue, leading one guest to exclaim: “they look like museum pieces!” As the intimate crowd was finishing its supper, scooping up the guacamole remains with a final round of chips off the buffet, Eleanor Friedberger kicked off the post dinner performances, followed by Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht. DJ Simon O’Connor then took the reigns, while late arrivals and guests enjoying a second wind (thanks to the tequila and organic drinks, no doubt), started dancing the night away.


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