An Elegant Evening at the Morgan Library

Thursday, November 9, 2017
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Over a century ago, J. P. Morgan would walk up the steps of his beloved library under the large white pillars and into a paradise of culture, knowledge and architectural beauty. Today, the original, Charles McKim-designed entrance to this New York treasure is only open to the public on one night of the year: the Evening Benefit of the Morgan Library & Museum.

And on the night of Monday November 6, a lucky few were able to walk through those same doors on 36th Street. They passed by Edward Clark Potter’s lioness statues to waltz into Morgan’s private study and library, and circled through its marble Rotunda, which was restored several years ago to resemble the original architectural masterpiece as close as possible. They explored the Morgan’s original, where the 30-foot high walls are filled with Circassian walnut bookcases, and were treated to exhibitions like portion of Jane Austen’s unfinished 1804 novel The Watsons and a page of Thomas Jefferson’s draft of Notes on the State of Virginia.

Afterwards, they were led into Mr. Morgan’s study, where Emmanuel Ceysson, the principal harpist for the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, played beautiful pieces from the Morgan’s collection.

Hosting the successful benefit were the Morgan’s Director Colin Bailey, and co-chairs of the event Thomas J. Reid and Christina M. Pae. Also in attendance were Larry Ricciardi, Zoya Loeb, Nonnie and George Frelinghuysen, Henry Frelinghuysen, Lynn Allegaert, Kim Brooker, Madeline Hemingway, Cieu Lan Dong, Gary and Kate Parr, Cordelia Dietrich Zanger, Tony Robinson, Gail Gilbert, Christopher Scholaz, Jennifer Tonkovich, Joan Taub Ades, Ada De Maurier, Tina Santi Flaherty, Christian Keesee, Linda Lindenbaum, Chris Fiore and Lindsey Lorefice.


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