Andre Saraiva

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
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Super-chic Parisian Andre Saraiva is a man of beaucoup talents – from graffiti artist to nightclub king (Le Baron, Montana etc…), hotelier, clothing designer, filmmaker, magazine editor (Creative Director of L’Officiel Hommes). Now, Monsieur Saraiva has pulled out another cool trick from his fashionable hat: nautical/naval tees for the iconic brand Saint James. Saraiva is also a partner in the Hotel Amour with Thierry Costes, of the Costes hotel and restaurant family; New York’s the Beatrice Inn; and a branch of Le Baron in Tokyo.

Born in Sweden but raised in Paris, as a teenager, Saraiva began tagging the streets with his trademark “Mr. A,” a stick figure with a winking eye and a top hat. Later, he started hosting shows and events with Lionel Bensemoun (is partner in Le Baron). Saraiva  soon moved onto parties at the Basel and Frieze art fairs and collaborations with brands (think Belvedere and Louis Vuitton). Now he “curates” Le Bain at the Standard Hotel.

Most recently the jetsetter has added the title of filmmaker to resume. with his collaboration with NOWNESS, Oliver Zahm and classic French shoe brand J.M Weston on the film ‘The Shoe’.

Saraiva can be spotted with the film’s star and real-life girlfriend Annabelle Dexter-Jones.

Introducing a New New York Philharmonic

Deborah Borda phils vacant New York orchestra space.

On The Avenue

Carnegie Hill in 1979

The more things change, the more they stay the same


Breaking Down the U.S. Open

Showing Love (Love) for the Open.

by Kelly LaffeyPhotographed by Billy Farrall