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Antwerp in Style

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

NICOLE MELLON, cofounder and creative force of Hanley Mellon, has built her entire brand based on travel inspiration. The fall 2015 collection is inspired by the style, art, beauty and philosophies that she found while visiting Antwerp, Belgium. Bold, beautiful, and artistically informed are the running themes in her Antwerp-inspired collection, and here Mellon outlines how the team found their inspiration.

Designer jumping point

One unique place we traveled to recently is Antwerp. Having never visited, we were drawn there because of the incredible design talent that comes out of its Royal Academy of Fine Arts, including the Antwerp Six.


For shopping, I recommend visiting Graanmarkt 13, Haider Ackermann and Ann Demeulemeester. Visitors must go to the Red Star Line Museum. Also, something to see is the florist Baltimore Bloemen—Mark Colle was the man behind the flowers used at Raf Simons’ inaugural Dior Haute Couture Fall 2012 show. For eating, you must try Graanmarkt 13 and Hofstraat 24.

Stumble upon

We like to wander. There are so many ideas and places, both familiar and new, to happen upon . . . and the city has a vibrant energy.

The Apartment

In Antwerp, I would recommend staying at the Apartment at Graanmarkt 13.  It’s beautiful and intimate with a refreshing air—actually, I would happily just move in there.

Collaborative creations

My favorite items are always the ones on which we collaborate. In Antwerp, we collaborated with the artist Ysbrant van Wyngaarden on a Hanley Mellon print—his work, including the color palettes, movement, and stories, inspired us—as did working together and building a creative relationship with him.  Also, I love bringing a little something home to my children—they are thrilled (even if it was just a souvenir from an airport)!

Travel informs

Travel is part of the life I live and therefore inspires my work completely. Each destination inspires a season; our personal experience of the destination is then referenced in that collection. 

Packing tip

Take the time to pack smart; make sure you carry on anything you might need and might not be able to get on the flight: i.e., dental floss—you never know!

I can’t travel without

Hanley Mellon core collection knits: sophisticated, comfortable, layerable, breathable—you can even sleep in them (shhhhhh!) and go directly into a meeting upon landing. 


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