Armarium Offers Concierge Styling for Your Next Event

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Facebook captures your life. Instagram filters it. Twitter keeps tabs on your every move.

People are consuming each other’s lives more than they ever have. There is constant access to who wore what to which event, and it’s no surprise that even the largest of walk-in closets have trouble keeping up.

“Once you’ve Instagrammed an outfit, it’s hard to re-wear it,” says Trisha Gregory, who founded on-call luxury clothing service Armarium with Alexandra Lind Rose. Rose is a fashion designer who has worked in the industry for more than 20 years, and Gregory formerly oversaw PR at Salvatore Ferragamo.

Launched earlier this year, Armarium is a styling concierge service for the jet-setting crowd. The company lets women rent an outfit or accessory for a predetermined time—the standard is four days—so that they can have and wear a new design for each event they attend. Armarium features classic pieces, like the always-in-style little black dress, as well as exclusive styles, high-vintage fashion, or pieces that others in the market aren’t currently carrying.

“We cater to women who love fashion, love trends and love statement pieces,” says Rose.

Users visit Armarium online or though the company’s app, and they decide which outfit or collection best suits their needs. Next, they have the option to consult with a stylist; they then choose the date they need the outfit or accessory by, and voila! It appears on her doorstep right in time for the event. The company takes care of all the rest, including dry cleaning and return packaging.

“Women get to try wearing designers whom they maybe haven’t tried yet,” says Gregory. “Sometimes, it’s a little intimidating to drop money to experiment with a new designer.” Armarium offers the designs at 10–20 percent of the retail price.

New for pre-fall, Armarium has started carrying Missoni. The company celebrated with a Southampton launch party in mid-July, at the home of Marigay McKee, founder of MM Luxe Consulting. “How great is it is that with Armarium, you can have the pick of the runway?” says McKee, who is a friend of the Missoni family and a frequent Armarium user. She offered consulting services to Rose and Gregory when they first started the company.

Key to Armarium’s strategy is its ability to offer customized services to its consumers. The Style Brigade is a group of hand-selected stylists who work with each customer to create the perfect look. Stylists have to have at least five years of experience in the luxury fashion world, and are available to Armarium’s customers for 15 minutes over the phone, or in person for an hour at Armarium’s Upper East Side showroom. As clients work with Armarium, they fill out a profile page that details their height, dimensions and favorite designers. Armarium keeps a robust client profile, keeping tabs on wish list items, and suggesting styles that may fit what a user is looking for.

Armarium has styled women for most of the events in the New York charity circuit, as well as the Met Gala and the opening of the American Ballet Theater. “There have been a lot of people asking for clothes for a date or a wedding,” says Gregory.

“We want women to try new things,” says Rose. “With fashion, you can do anything now. We want to encourage people to experiment and try outside the box.”


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