Lord of the Manner

Monday, October 22, 2018
  • At Home


    His Lordship fills you in on how to handle even the most difficult of dilemmas

  • At Home

    All about Etiquette

    There’s more to manners than just “please” and “thank you.” Here, his Lordship shares all the charming tips and tricks

  • At Home

    Common Courtesies

    His lordship shows you the little gestures that make all the difference

  • At Home

    Etiquette Excellence

    His lordship responds to all your social decorum queries

  • In The Magazine

    Social Graces

    His lordship shares insight and advice on age-old rules

  • In The Magazine

    Sartorial savvy

    Mr. Manners answers all of your most frustrating fashion questions

  • In The Magazine

    Social Sensation

    Q: Dear Mr. Manners, Can you help persuade the East End seafood restaurants to stock up on shellfish tableware and stop forcing us to eat with meat knives and forks? I carry my own lobster picks to the Lobster Grille since no one can possibly eat crab legs with shrimp forks. I have finally gotten […]

  • In The Magazine

    Technical Genius

    Mr. Manners dishes on how to handle social etiquette like a pro in the digital age Q: My husband and I recently went to a party where we were required to “surrender” our phones since one of the guests was a political figure who didn’t want to be photographed at a private event. Although initially cross about […]

  • In The Magazine

    Houseguest Extraordinaire

    Q: My Dear Mr. Manners, Rather than rent a home in the Hamptons this summer, I’ve decided to become a “professional houseguest.” Luckily, I have a number of Friends with Benefits who have spacious homes on Lily Pond and Gin Lane. How do I properly show my gratitude? And without breaking the bank? Always a […]

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