Avenue Moment: Jamie Johnson’s on Peter Beard’s Strange Brew Cocktails

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jamie Johnson, Filmmaker/Fashion Designer Black Sweater:


“One funny New York memory I have is meeting Peter Beard for the first time at his apartment. I’ll never forget the occasion because I had only recently moved to Manhattan to begin my freshman year at NYU, and the city was still a relatively unknown universe to me. I was with my uncle, Dirk Wittenborn, who is an old friend of Peter’s. As soon as we walked in the door, Peter poured a round of vodka and OJs, insisting that we accept the freshly cut cubes of ice he was dropping into our glasses. I felt mature for having been offered a genuine cocktail, so I drank every last sip from the bottom of my glass, including the final traces of water that had accumulated from the slow-melting ice. But no more than two minutes after I had handily polished off the beverage, Peter’s wife came marching into the room with the special ice tray in her hand. “Peter,” she said in a state of bewilderment, “why did you put the cat’s water bowl in the freezer?” Water bowl, I thought, there must be some misunderstanding. But there wasn’t any misunderstanding. We truly had been drinking the cat’s backwash. To this day, I’m not sure what inspired the peculiar bartending maneuver. Maybe it simply was an oversight, or maybe placing the pet’s water in the freezer just seemed like a convenient way to make ice. Whatever the case, Peter appeared to enjoy finishing his own drink that evening without any regrets.”


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