Avenue Moment: Barbara de Kwiatkowski on Halston’s Drag Divas

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Barbara de Kwiatkowski:

Halston had decided to have a drag party. It was top-secret; he didn’t want it in the news. We all spent hours getting ready in our ‘costumes.’ I went as a man in a leather jockstrap, leather vest, beautiful black-and-white striped, silk robe, my riding boots, hair pulled back with a fake mustache and manly makeup. Absolutely no one knew who I was or even that I was in drag!  All the boys thought I was another cute boy. Andy went as Dolly Parton with a big, blonde wig. Catherine Guinness went as Andy. Halston wore high heels and walked magnificently in them. A lot of people used costumes from Liza Minnelli, and Steve Rubell came in a huge, red ball gown à la Scarlett O’Hara. Steve’s dress caught on fire from one of the many candles Halston had around. We were all rushing, trying to put out the fire. Of course it was in the papers: Page Six and even The Washington Post. My mother called to ask me what I was doing.”


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