AVENUE New York’s Original Society Magazine Announces Their New Digital Expansion

NEW YORK, May 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — AVENUE Magazine is excited to announce that they have completed their comprehensive digital expansion with the recent launch of AVENUE Digital. AVENUE’s new digital marketing platform empowers their advertisers to complement print campaigns with highly targeted digital solutions that leverage a multi-channel approach, as well as expand their reach in the marketplace to engage additional qualified prospects with a higher propensity to respond online.

“After 40 years as New York’s original society magazine, and a lot of internal preparation and planning, this is a very exciting time for AVENUE. With our digital expansion, we can now take our client’s marketing to the next level, reaching more potential customers than ever before, leveraging both online and offline platforms collectively to drive response.” – Randi Schatz, President of AVENUE Magazine.

In addition to a weekly e-newsletter, banner ads, video and sponsored content on AVENUE’s website, the magazine can now digitize their advertisers’ print ads from the magazine, as well as offer standalone digital initiatives to drive measurable return. This will increase advertisers’ reach beyond those on AVENUE’s Insider list to an additional targeted list of opt in email addresses and social media profiles. Drawing from a database of more than 85 million total consumers, with more than 5.3 million highly affluent, top wealth consumers, the magazine’s advertisers now have the capability to custom tailor their email or social media outreach with precision to reach the audience segments most relevant to their customer profile.

The email database is fully opt-in, permission based and compliant and provides unique access to over 100 different targeting selects for pre-qualification. Advertisers will receive a tracking report within 5-7 days after a campaign’s launch with a detailed breakdown of analytics from each program, including the exact areas of content that prospects engaged with, allowing them to quickly revise and improve their strategy for future campaigns with ongoing optimization.

This new initiative will allow AVENUE to utilize print, email, social media and other multi-channel digital resources to take their advertisers’ businesses to the next level using a truly integrated marketing approach.

For more information and special promotions, please contact:

Randi Schatz, President
T: 212.284.9726;
C: 917.544.7277
E: rschatz@manhattanmedia.com