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Back to Black and Popping Champagne with Loris Diran

Saturday, February 4, 2017
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Head-to-toe black is the classic outfit choice of those considered true New Yorkers.

This season, menswear designer Loris Diran focused his collection around the concept of “Back 2 Black.” Though the collection is very New York, it was inspired by Diran’s journey living and working in India and China for the past year.

In addition to black, the color palette included white, smoke grey and midnight blue. Diran was out to send a message as well: Clothes were embroidered with statements such as “Life Is My Message” and “Everything Has Beauty Not Everyone Sees It.” These  motifs could be found on everything from low-rise track pants to smock sweaters.

Are we being asked to find beauty in the simplistic? Regardless, let’s make some statements for this fall and winter.

It’s also no secret that Diran loves a good party. To celebrate his latest collection, he gathered his friends, colleagues and industry insiders together at Jia at the Rivington Hotel. The chic and intimate space played hosts to the likes of ex-models like Robert DiMauro and Kim Alexis. Guests including other fashion industry insiders and editors sipped on champagne as they gave a toast to Diran’s brilliant menswear collection.

We’re headed back to black this fall.

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