Behind the VSFS Fantasy Bra

by Amanda N. Ross Photographed by Lily Aldridge
Wednesday, November 11, 2015
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If the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is the Superbowl for women, then the Fantasy Bra is the mammary equivalent to a fist full of championship rings. The fairer sex waits with baited breath to see which impossibly beautiful supermodel will have the honor of walking the glittery catwalk adored with the bedazzled brassiere and during which themed segment.

This year, supermodel/rock-royalty-turned-rock-star-wife Lily Aldridge was bestowed Lily Aldridge with Victorias Secret Fantasty Bra 2015 designed by Mouawad (1)the honor, donning the Fireworks Fantasy Bra designed exclusively by iconic luxury jeweler Pascal Mouawad.

The glittering bra and matching belt are the result of more than 685 hours of hard work and $2 million worth of diamonds, blue topaz, pink quartz, yellow sapphire, and, of course, the 18-karat gold setting. Over 6,800 precious gems make up the colorful undergarment designed to look like swirling fireworks.

Though Aldridge is far and away the MVP of this year’s Superbowl  fashion show, the other Angels got a taste of the bejeweled life, too. Mouawad designed all of the accessory and embellishment jewelry for the other models and their looks, which brought the total jewelry pricing for the show up to $15 million. No big deal.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs December 8 at 10/9C on the CBS television network.


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