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Bermuda Bound

Thursday, March 30, 2017

AVENUE senior editor Wendy Sy explores the island of crystal blue water and pink sand beaches

Dream. Share. Zen. Truth. Enthusiasm. These are just a few of the many words written on a wall in the heart of Hamilton, Bermuda. It seems that everywhere you go on the island, there are little reminders to take it easy and focus on the positive. If that’s not enough of a reason to visit, consider this: it’s also less than a two-hour flight from New York!

Island Living 

Bermuda is only 21 square miles and evokes a small-town feel. My best friend Arielle and I met locals who shared their favorite places to spend time. Most cab drivers double as licensed tour guides, and the highest speed limit is 20 mph. “Even if you’re used to always being in a rush, you just slow down here,” says Larry Rogers of Roger Island Tours.

Pink Palace 

We stayed at the Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club. Having recently undergone a $100 million renovation, it features an Exhale spa and more than 60 diverse pieces of art.

Off to the Races 

This year marks a milestone for the island, as it will host the 35th America’s Cup, presented by Louis Vuitton. Hamilton Princess is the official hotel for the event, which runs May through June. Visitors from around the world will gather at the Great Sound to watch sailors on wing-sailed catamarans compete for the grand trophy in a century-old sport.

Must-see: Take a tour at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art to discover paintings and drawings inspired by the island.

Food and Drinks for Thought 

There’s plenty of foodespecially seafoodand drinks offered in restaurants all around. Be sure to order the signature fish chowder bites and Rum Swizzle cocktail from Marcus’ (by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson), located in the Hamilton Princess. Also try the delicious smoked salmon poke bowl at Village Pantry. 

Greetings from St. George’s 

We took a day trip out to Bermuda’s East End, where the streets are lined with pastel-colored buildings. The boutiques are perfect for souvenir shopping, and there are even garage sales, if you’re into treasure hunting. One of the most inspiring natural attractions is the underground Crystal Caves, formed during the Ice Age and discovered in the early 1900s. You have to see it to believe it!


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