Best Dressed #13 of 39 (not in order!): Marie-Josee Kravis

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The March issue of AVENUE features our seriously selective list of the 39 Best Dressed Women in New York. Here is just one of the 39…keep coming back to see who else made the cut!

Marie-Josee Kravis: The Powerhouse

Marie-Josée Kravis and her billionaire financier husband Henry Kravis sit among the top of the heap in New York, donating tens of millions of dollars to cultural institutions like MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Lincoln Center (not to mention medical facilities like the recently opened Mount Sinai Cardiovascular Research Institute). “First and foremost, Marie-Josée Kravis is a truly substantive woman and an inspirational philanthropist who has greatly enriched the cultural landscape of Manhattan—among so many other things,” says Vogue European Editor at Large Hamish Bowles. “In style terms she is also an enduring inspiration, and one grasps for superlatives to capture a sense of her preternatural poise and chic. Suffice it to say that she is the possessor of superb good taste, never less than impeccable, the essence of distinction. She sets the bar very high indeed.”



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