Special Specs:
Ads with Borders or Solid Lines Along Trim

Ads that have a border or solid lines along the trim require special specifications. Please review the following guidelines thoroughly.

Stroke width: 0.75” (includes 0.25” bleed)
Safety: 0.5”
No printers marks: crop marks, bleed marks, trim marks or color bars

As illustrated below:

InDesign Template:
To assist you the production team has created an InDesign template:

Q: Why is the border spec so wide? My client prefers a thinner border.
A: Each page is printed and then trimmed by machine. If the page shifts when trimmed, the border will appear uneven. See example below.

With a larger border any irregularity in stroke width will be less noticeable.

Q: I have run a thinner border in other publications. Why is AVENUE’s spec wider?
A: There are many factors in determining ad specs. Different printers have different specs. Unfortunately, AVENUE will not be responsible for the fidelity of the ad if it does not meet our requirements.