Bruce Weber and Moncler present “Don’t Steal the Jacket”

Tuesday, September 27, 2011
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Acclaimed director and photographer Bruce Weber presented the premiere of his new film “Don’t Steal the Jacket” on Sunday in at the Teatro Litta, Corso Magenta 24 in Milan. It was an event that attracted the best of both fashion and film, with Anna Wintour, the Missoni family, Francesca Versace and a slew of top models filing in to congratulate the man behind the movie.

“This 24-minute film blurs boundaries between musicals, dreams, thrillers and adventures.” Weber’s film is intended to bring to life Moncler’s multi-subject Fall-Winter campaign which was presented in a series of 19 very different posters which together sketch out somewhat of a narrative leading to this stunning cinematic conclusion.

“Flowers that shoot out of water pistols. A little girl with a sweet tooth who adores her puppy. Her very tall brother with a heart of gold. And a tiny Pomeranian dog. These are the protagonists of a plot in perfect Bruce Weber style.” So reads the press release for this sartorial sensation that surely added a kick to an already burgeoning Milan Fashion Week.

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