Bursting at the Seams in Palm Beach

Thursday, December 29, 2016
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Steven Stolman and Rich Wilkie’s annual post-Christmas cocktail bash is famous for two things: the wonderful old-school hors d’oeuvres (pigs in blankets, cheese puffs, tea sandwiches and an enormous tin of caviar,) and the sheer number of people who pour through the door of this popular couple’s little Palm Beach apartment until it’s bursting at the seams, which no one seems to mind.

In the crowd were many NYC-PB commuters including Debbie Bancroft, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Ralph Lauren’s Larry Gordon, Ken Wyse, David and Melanie Seymour Holland, Richard Lambertson, Royce Pinkwater, former Town & Country editor-in-chief Pamela Fiori and her husband Colt Givner, designer Gil Walsh, and ad exec Tom Shaffer. Not to mention Stephen Jacoby, Michel Witmer, Burt Minkoff, Stacy and Susan Terris, Talbott Maxey and her daughter Alice, Geoffrey Thomas, Ninette Ricca, Nick Gold and Bram Majtlis, Rob Copley, Mark Hackbarth and Eric Nelson, Susan and Ramsey Frank, Rebecca Owen, Mark Lowham and Joe Ruzzo, Krystian Von Speidel and Nathan Frank, Louise Kaufman, Ryan McNally and Paul Bowden, Earl Crittenden, Joni and Alan Sherman and Randee Bank.


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