Byrdie Bell

Thursday, July 14, 2011
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26-year-old model and actress Byrdie Bell may look like the all-American, blonde, preppy beauty, but this oft-photographed girl-on-the-go is equally comfortable in a punk leather jacket and Kohl-ed eyes as she is in a floor-length evening dress. “I’m not a big fan of ‘the look,’” says the chameleon-like social fixture. “It’s not good when everything from makeup to hair to jewelry to shoes are all considered to the point where nothing looks like it means anything to the person or will ever be worn again.” The beauty was born in Chicago and grew up in Greenwich, later moving to New York and attending the United Nations School, studying acting and philosophy and embracing the grunge punk trend of the 90’s. While studying acting full-time at Stella Adler’s conservatory program, Bell’s style transformed into what it is today: equal parts chic, rebellious, and sexy. Shoe designer Brian Atwood was so taken with Bell that he named a thigh-high boot after her. “She has this cool, bohemian style with an edge,” he explains. “Never too sweet, always very sexy.” Bell resides in the West Village, and recently signed on with One Management, and graces the cover of AVENUE’s July edition.

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