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Friday, July 25, 2014
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Everyone deserves a chance to reach their full potential and no one deserves to miss that chance due to uncontrollable circumstances. This is where Camp Interactive (C/I) steps in.

The students who need exposure most to learn and grow, unfortunately are not getting it. With a world so rapidly expanding, C/I provides new opportunities, plentiful resources and all the necessary tools for personal development to these students who come from a plethora of backgrounds.

These underserved students are the reason C/I exists. C/I’s mission is to cultivate the potential of America’s underserved youth and narrow the technical skills gap in our economies and the opportunity gap in our communities.

Yesterday evening C/I hosted Crosby & Code, a party to provide 75 underserved NYC kids with a one-year scholarship to the CI Code School. The event was held at the Crosby Street Hotel with an open bar and special musical guest Elew & DJ Sean Glass.

C/I staff hosted this party to raise $100k for these 75 students. Those who participated contributed to the scholarships awarded to these students and the support of C/I’s purpose.

Crosby & Code would not have been a success without its dedicated and passionate host committee or its sponsors. The event’s lead sponsor was 2U and its table sponsors were Deep Focus, Mashable, RK Alder and True[x] Media. Supporting sponsors included The Bosco, City Light Capital, Crowdcentric, Kiara Horwitz Public Relations, and Righteous Pictures.

Photos by BFA

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