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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Best of britain

Midtown just got a very welcome new neighbor in the form of Huntsman, a London-based atelier specializing in bespoke clothing with more than a touch of old-world glamour. More than just a clothier to the stars, the brand also takes philanthropy very seriously. At their first celebratory event in New York, each table contained a centerpiece with a ceramic poppy from London’s World War I memorial. Huntsman purchased a poppy for each customer who died in the war. It’s clear that Huntsman has become part of Britain’s cultural fabric, and there’s no doubt New York is next. We spoke with Huntsman owner and chairman Pierre Lagrange about the city’s newest arrival and what it means for New York’s most stylish set.

What made you want to bring Huntsman stateside?

So many of our clients live and work on the East Coast. We can better serve them with a pied-à-terre here, and deliver their bespoke garments in quicker time.

How did you go about choosing the location for the first store?

The location is equal distance between the Four Seasons and Le Bernardin restaurant—or more seriously, our clients living and working uptown or downtown are all happy to come midtown for appointments. 57th Street is the best street, and we like the feel of the building and its history. We also wanted a private space, to give people privacy and time.

Other than quality, what do you think it is that draws so many people to Huntsman?

It’s a kind of club, as only a limited number of bespoke suits can be made by our team. It is also exclusive, as what you get is made for you, totally taking your taste into consideration in the making of it. Read Nick Foulkes’ essay on our website—a ready to wear piece has been specified by someone else, and made for someone else. With bespoke, it has been specified by you and made for you. It is no wonder it fits so much better and you look so much better. People describe now how shoppers want a real experience as opposed to a transaction—well, this what Huntsman has been providing for more than 160 years.

Business Casual

Designed to take you from the dock to dinner and back again, BASK’s new toweling blazer is both a sophisticated and irreverent take on a classic beach cover-up. Made from 100 percent Turkish terrycloth, the customizable blazers are available in light, shore-appropriate colors like Rosé, Gin Fizz, Southside and Montauk Navy while a monogramming option adds a touch of beach bespoke to the yacht-ready jackets. Designed by New Yorker Marko Andrus, who was inspired by none other than James Bond, the blazer is the ultimate in versatility. Throw one on when making the pilgrimage to shore for drinks or when things get breezy above deck—you’re covered.


Dressing well is nice, but wearing a brand with ethos is even better. Rallier, a new dress line from Prada alumna Olivia Rose Fay, is helping young girls get an education one frock at a time. When Fay learned that a lack of school uniforms was keeping many girls out of the classroom, she decided to pair a love for design with her passion for education and gender equality. Made locally in New York with fine fabrics, Rallier dresses encapsulate modern elegance with structured silhouettes, fun cuts, and a versatile color palette. For each dress sold, school uniforms are made and given to local girls in regions beset with gender inequality. Doing good has never looked so good.


We bemoan winter for a host of reasons, but hell hath no fury like a woman zapped of moisture. Pinterest boards and DIY websites the world over have been singing the praises of occasionally rinsing hair with beer for years now, but the prospect of dumping a can of PBR on a custom highlight job always seemed unappealing. Enter BRÖÖ, a natural and fragrant craft beer infused shampoo and conditioner duo designed to give you all the benefits of a beer rinse—vitamin B for shine, proteins and minerals to restore and strengthen—with none of the dive bar smell.


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