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Saturday, January 19, 2019
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    Paris Street Style

    Look no further for outfit inspiration

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    AVENUE Helps Tell Steve Kornacki What to Wear

    Steve Kornacki, co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle and a Salon politics writer was called out by BuzzFeed’s Dorsey Shaw for wearing the same gray sweater on air TWICE. (Gasp!) Kornacki assures that they were in fact different sweaters, but his very own Salon decided to respond to this sweater-gate scandal by scouring the fashion world […]

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    Our Crushes: Loving Leather

    Make a statement on Alexander McQueen’s black leather dress with a detachable
 pleated skirt. It is the ultimate in school girl sexy, so live out your fashion fantasy in this
 ultimately chic dress. Available at www.net-a-porter.com

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    Our Crushes: Haute jewels

    How fab is this Haute Hippie burnished silver longhorn necklace? I loved it all summer and now I am working it with ease into my Fall wardrobe. It’s one of those pieces of “aggressive” jewelry that will never go out of style and  it works from season to season, day to night. Love it! Available […]

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    Our Crushes: Chunky Knits

    There is no overlooking the super duper chunky sweater trend this fall.
 I think that Reed Krakoff’s regal blue hand-knit version is the tops.
 Throw it on over anything; jeans, a pencil skirt, tuxedo pants for night. Reed Krakoff Hand-Knit Merino Turtleneck Sweater, in Baltic; available at www.saksfifthavenue.com

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    Our Crushes: Phone & Function

    I am loving this “old school” Native Union Pop phone handset. It plugs right into your techy iphone to marry form and function. There are so many advantages to this golden ear piece; no harmful microwave action into your head, no neck pain from cradling your phone between your ear and aching shoulder and you […]

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    Our Crushes: Jumping on the bandwagon…

    Alright, alright, I know that EVERY magazine and blog in carnation has waxed on about these Miu Miu stunners, but I would remiss if I didn’t jump on the bandwagon. C’mon, how major are these glittery, peachy suede booties? I can’t even stand it and I don’t what else to say other than “I have […]

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    Our Crushes: Rockin’ rain boots

    Let it rain! I am crazy about these black rubber boots. They are the coolest combo of biker chic and school girl demure. Leave it Valentino to create these rockin’ rain boots that have a bad boy silhouette all tied up with a pretty bow!

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    Our Crush: Hampton house gift

    LOVE this mini blue glass pumpkin as a Hampton house gift. It is colorful and playful and not the expected offering of cocktail napkins or a bottle of wine. Tuck it in any corner and brighten up any room. www.vivre.com

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    Our Crushes: ikat envy

    I lust after all things Madeline Weinrib–especially her drop-dead gorgeous and sultry caftans. She is the master of ikat and although t
hey cost a pretty penny, they are worth every cent. You can find them at Carleen Ligozio‘s chic clothing and accessory emporium on Main Street in Southampton or www.madelineweinrib.com

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    Our Crushes: The Cutest Clutches

    These bunny clutches are just adorable. They are the newest addition to Jessica Kagan Cushman‘s bevy of whimsical and wonderful items. Catch one if you can!!! www.vivre.com

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    Our Crushes: 70s denim

    High-waisted and bell-bottomed are all the rage in denim this summer. Some versions just look a little tooooooo retro for me, but this pair from J. Brand is perfectly flattering and competely on-trend. www.jbrand.com