Celebrating Kelly Klein

by Maria Panskaya Photographed by Kelly Klein== AVENUE and the Koch Team at Corcoran Celebrate Kelly Klein and Her Cover== 100 Casa Bendita, Palm Beach, FL== January 27, 2016== ©Patrick McMullan== Photo: Nick Mele/ PMC==
Thursday, February 11, 2016

AVENUE, in collaboration with the Koch Team at Corcoran, celebrated Kelly Klein’s book release, “Photographs by Kelly Klein,” and her cover in AVENUE‘s January issue. Klein’s friends and family gathered at sunny Palm Beach to honor her countless achievements not only as a phenomenal photographer, but also as a great designer and a caring mother.

Klein’s life is made up of different chapters, some of them are better known than others. Her public life started when she was a design assistant to Ralph Lauren and continued with the same role but at Calvin Klein. She married the designer in 1986, following a decade of happy marriage, which officially ended in 2006.

What many do not know is Klein’s private life: her immense attachment to her son and her passion for photography. In her book, Klein gives a small glimpse into her world, including snapshots with famous friends like John F. Kennedy Jr. and selection of her private works, including editorials starring Kate Moss. (To find out more about Klein’s life, read the cover story here).

Among those who attended were Harry Bader, Nicole DiCocco, Paulette and Dana Koch, Bruce Gendelman, Renee Rogers, Jerry Berkowitz, Frances Delinko-Peters, Kimberly and Roger Yaseen, Suzanne Kent-Cooke, Lisa Salomon and Sarena Weil.

Photos by Nick Mele/


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