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Celebrating Philanthropy, Altruism and Petra Nemcova

by Michael Gross Photographed by Jared Siskin/PMC
Wednesday, May 17, 2017
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Last night on the newly-opened residents’ amenities floor of The Four Seasons Residences at 30 Park Place, AVENUE formally announced its upcoming AAA Avenue Altruism Awards,to be presented at the magazine’s first annual gala benefit at the United Nations on September 14, and celebrated its April/May Philanthropy issue at a party headlined by cover girl Petra Nemcova, the model who survived the 2004 tsunami and emerged from her ordeal a committed philanthropist.

Nemcova was introduced by AVENUE editor-in-chief Michael Gross, who described her as “the real thing,” and she spoke about her Happy Hearts Fund, which rebuilds schools in places scarred by disaster, and encourages continuing investment in disaster zones where too often, an initial outpouring of concern and funds quickly slows to nothing, leaving pain and poverty behind.

Admiring the stunning views of the new downtown Manhattan from two terraces, when they could take their eyes off Nemcova, was a capacity crowd that included AVENUE owner Richard Burns, its president Randi Schatz, the author of the Nemcova story Kelly Laffey, AVENUE’s Deputy Editor, writers Karen Moline and Sharon Churcher, Ophelia and Lavinia Branca Snyder, Roy Kean, Nemcova’s sister Olga Ruggiero, Happy Hearts Fund’s executive director, and its director of development, Ellie Manko Libby, Julie Hayek, Mira Tzur, Jamie Antonelli, Col Rumbough, John Mack, Amy Rosi, Gordon Hoppe, Victor de Souza, Dustin Lujan, Count Joseph Di Palma, Joycelyn Engle, Vivienne Tam, Susan Shin, Andrea Warshaw Werner, Suzan Kremer, Montgomery Frazier, Christina DeSimone and many more,


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