Chandon x Opening Ceremony

Monday, February 1, 2016

In a sea of sparkling wine selections, sometimes it’s not so simple choosing a bottle to bring to your next big party or intimate gathering, but Chandon has (once again!) made lives easier with an exciting new collab.

The Cali-based wine pioneers have recently teamed up with Carol Lim, co-founder of global fashion retailer Opening Ceremony, to create a limited-edition sparkling rosé. In addition to its sweet refreshing taste, the item is beautifully packaged and features drawings of female faces in bright shades of pink, yellow and blue. Inspiration for the wrapper stemmed from an Opening Ceremony ‘Girl Talk’ print from last year’s Spring/Summer collection.

“This design reflects communication and spending time with friends. I think it’s one of the most important things you can do…when you’re catching up, new ideas spark,” said Lim.

So go on, say a toast to your loved ones over a glass of bubbly. According to Lim, it’s an all-occasion drink, marking all the more reasons to enjoy it anytime. She notes, “Make the most of the present and appreciate it.” Much agreed.

Shop the Chandon Limited Edition Rosé, $24, by Carol Lim at chandon.com.

Carol Lim









Photos via Chandon.com.


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