Chaotic Chicness at RETNA’s Opening

Friday, February 11, 2011
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It was total chaotic chicness at the art opening of RETNA’s work (“The Hallelujah World Tour”), hosted in a pop-up gallery by Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld and Andy Valmorbida.

“No one is getting in,” barked a burly bouncer in all-black as hordes of hip kids and fashion peeps huddled in the cold winds pushing to get past the velvet ropes. “Don’t even think about trying to get in.”

Naturally, the AvenueInsider was able to get right in (we have our ways) and once inside the enormous space, we ran into everyone we hadn’t seen in what seems like ages. So who got in the front door? Jamie Johnson (talking about his menswear label Black Sweater), Stephanie LaCava, Vivi Nevo, a camera-shy Stavros Niarchos, Purple‘s chain-smoking editor Olivier Zahm, models Caroline Winberg and Irina Lazareanu (looking very “Annie Hall”), Amanda Hearst, shoe god Brian Atwood, Arden Wohl, Bryanboy (in an afro wig that reminded us of Janet in “Three’s Company”), Carine Roitfeld and daughter Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, designer Joseph Altruzarra, Scott Lipps, jewelry genius Eddie Borgo, designer Minnie Mortimer, Kate Schelter, TV doll Louise Roe, AVENUES’s Luigi Tadini, nightlife guru Nur Khan, singer/Rihanna bummer Chris Brown and Mark “The Cobrasnake” Hunter” who caught all the action with his camera.

The art was very Keith Haring meets hieroglyphics. But the real eye candy was the miles of models that Roitfeld and Valmorbida are able to lure to their shows. Of course the party didn’t end at the gallery – all the PYTs ended up at Indochine where they turned the restaurant into an all night disco.


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