Comment dit “Text on the Beach” en Français?

Monday, July 10, 2017

While AVENUE’s Toby Milstein has been out East, brother Larry has been in the Hamptons of France enjoying the fetes, soirées and beach life along the Cote D’Azure. It’s special French edition of Text on the Beach…

I feel like our column this past week should really be called #WhatsappOnTheBeach! JK, but miss you and our usual banter. How’s it going in St. Tropez?

Having so much fun, honestly it seems like people are either in the Hamptons or here, so it’s quite a scene. Over July 4th weekend, we saw Kourtney Kardashian with her new beau, Younes Bendjima, wearing a star-spangled inspired outfit at Le Club 55

Ooo so patriotic of her…but I would expect a Kardashian to be more Bagatelle St. Tropez than Cinquante-cinq

Haha fair, but I think she ended up there too. I opted for the OG, Nikki Beach

How was it?

It was very American—all the servers were dressed in basketball jerseys and there was even a dunk contest in the middle of the party

I guess that’s what they boil our country down to these days. And more like Knick-y Beach , amirite? Any other notables partying on the Plage de Pampellone?

I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the real icon of the town, Brigitte Bardot. May have to settle though for Ivana Trump, who was just photographed walking around town in sweats lol

Wonder why she was out of the country for this Fourth of July?

The lead singer of Muse, Matt Bellamy, and his model girlfriend Elle Evans are also out and about. I bet I’ll see them tonight partying at the Caves du Roy inside the Hôtel Byblos

Byblos is so quintessential French Riviera

Yeah, funny you say that, it’s actually celebrating its 50th anniversary this year

No way! I feel like ever since Mick and Bianca got married there in 1971 it’s been the go-to place to stay, hosting guests including Grace Kelly, Prince Charles, Paloma Picasso, Leonardo DiCaprio—even Beyoncé

What’s good for the Queen…

Wonder if her new twins will start jet-setting, heard Amal and George’s kids are already stamping their passports

Are they there too?! You’ve got to be kidding…

Haha no, I think I read they were in Lake Como. Anyways, about to lose service, my friends and I are going to get some St. Tropez dessert at La Tarte Tropézienne. The store is partnering this summer with Vilebrequin for special edition trunks

Well, Vilebrequin was founded in St. Tropez

Haha the irony—as if desserts and bathing suits go together…

Well, it seems to sum up the place well: in St. Tropez, there’s no such thing as too much dessert, wine, or beach

La vie en rosé en rosé. Au revoir!


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