Cornelia Guest: Then and Now

Monday, October 17, 2011

The infamous “Deb of the Decade,” Cornelia Guest spent her youth palling around with Andy Warhol, Boy George, The Village People’s Randy Jones and onetime beau Sylvester Stallone at clubs like Studio 54 and later Area. When The AvenueInsider discovered these vintage photographs on (where else?) Facebook, we couldn’t help but post them and find out what Guest, the daughter of the late, inimitable social power and garden writer CZ Guest, has been up to. And it turns out, Guest has been up to a lot.

Just visit and you can peruse Guest’s line of animal-free handbags, cookies (baked with no animal products) and a catering company that focuses on yummy vegan food. A serious animal-rights activist (as well as a very vocal pro-marriage equality supporter), Guest is also designing a line of jewelry. So the “Deb of the Decade” might not be disco hopping, but she has kept very busy building a pro-animal, pro-equal rights empire. And we couldn’t be more intrigued what she will do next. Stay tuned.


A Tisch-ket a Tashket

Celebrating Lizzie Tisch and Ashley Longshore in Bridgehampton

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