Friday, March 25, 2016

Sweet, spicy, savory…who knew there are actually so many flavors when it comes to ham? Often thought of as just cold cuts for sandwiches—and for some, nostalgic childhood lunches—here’s some exciting news: the makers of Hormel Cure 81 has just launched a limited-edition selection of specially crafted Curemaster Reserve hams that are perfect for your next cocktail party.

The brand, based in Austin, Minnesota, has been around for over half a century, and are known for their expertise for perfecting the quality and taste of their hand-selected, hand-trimmed hams that are a favorite to many foodies. This season, over 2,400 hams are being made in five varieties: Vermont Maple, Clover Honey, Campfire Sugar Rubbed, Double Smoked and Brown Sugar. Brian Hendrickson, aka Expert Curator, has combined the world’s finest ingredients with exceptional cuts of meat for exquisite flavor combinations. You can also choose your own pairings from six delightful glazes, including Pineapple Ginger, Crunchy Brown Sugar, Honey Dijon, Apple Cider Bourbon, Cranberry Chipotle, and Brown Sugar Sriracha.

The best part of all is that ham can be served in a number of different dishes, or as snacks. D’oeuvres, anyone?


Photos courtesy of Curemaster Reserve.


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