Dance party at Doubles

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If you thought that adults were the only ones spending their nights at the hottest spots in New York–think again.

Doubles–yes the fancy, private club inside the Sherry Netherland Hotel–hosts numerous parties not only for members, but for their kids and tweens.

Friday night, chairwoman of the board Wendy Carduner (whose been involved with the nonprofit club since the beginning) threw another ‘Kids Night’ for the fifth and sixth grade kids of the private boys and girls schools whose parents are members.

Carduner says the idea was presented a few years ago from then-fifth-grader Connor, who wondered why there weren’t any events for his age group. Carduner, who doesn’t have any children, simply told him she didn’t know anyone in his age group and if he could organize them, she’d throw the party. And luckily for the Spence and Buckley boys, Hewitt and Sacred Heart girls (among the many)–Connor did.

Complete with two MC’s, professional dancers, DJ’s playing the latest pop hits from Gaga and the like, the night is everything you’d ever want as a privileged middle-schooler. With DJ-led shouting matches between each grade, and intense dance-offs, it’s hard to believe anyone would leave the adult-free dance floor, but they do…if only for the buffet including kid-favorite fare like french fries, chicken fingers and Caesar salad.

Carduner explained that ‘Kids Night’ is a special treat for the “less spoiled” years of tween-hood that are soon to be filled with weekend-upon-weekend bar and bat mitzvah’s and sweet 16 parties. She’s quick to mention the kids’ stellar behavior, always extending their “pleases” and “thank you’s,” and adhering to the night’s strict rules. ‘Kids Night’ is so popular amongst the who’s who of the younger set, Carduner says it actually brings former-members back to Doubles–as their kids plead to be let down the red fabric-lined stairway.

This specific private school party is held three times throughout the school year (fall, winter, spring) and AVENUEinsider talked to some of the party-goers to see what their favorite part of the night is. The consensus? The boys: “We come for the food,” said Cooper and Jon who are relative newcomers to Doubles. However, veteran to Doubles, sixth grader Pearson (who, since first grade, has been attending other events at the club like the Christmas parties), said he comes for the dancing. No surprise considering his rosy cheeks…

First timer, Georgia, said her favorite thing is the pink disco ball. We couldn’t agree more. But most of the girls–we’d venture to say like most women–come for the connections. Sixth grader India loves meeting new people, and same for pals Lucie and Arden (but they also love the dance-offs, understandably, since they were last year’s winners!). Lucie also told us that the kids do stay in touch, with Facebook of course, but also by the ‘old-fashioned’ way of phone. After the “slow dance game” at the end of the night, the new friends take time exchanging digits.

We imagine serious phone-dates and trips to Zitomers a result of this magical night inside the golden doors of Doubles.


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