Disco Daze at Mr. H

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mr. H, the new hot-spot at The Mondrian Soho is run by nightlife legend Armin Amiri who started at Amy Sacco‘s much-missed Bungalow 8, then opened Socialista.

The interior of Mr. H is very haute-Chinatown replete with a birdcage. The AVENUEinsider stopped by last night for Aaron Bakalar‘s birthday and the room was chock full of cuties.

Our three favorite things about Mr. H?

1. Disco, Bungalow’s legendary doorman mans the velvet ropes. We love Disco and Disco loves us so that means we never wait which of course, we love.

2. The neon sign in the VIP section that shines the words: “this is not a brothel there are no prostitutes at this address”

Mr. H

3. You get a fortune cookie with your bill. Last night our fortune read: “SEX IS NOT THE ANSWER. SEX IS THE QUESTION. “YES” IS THE ANSWER.’

We are hooked on Mr. H. Need we say more?


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