Do you remember Studio 54? (If you do, win a disco-rific prize!)

by AVENUE insider Photographed by Studio 54 circa 2011
Thursday, November 3, 2011

Studio 54 re-opened for one night only and The AvenueInsider managed to breeze through the enormous, crazed throng (west 54th Street was even closed off by the police) past the velvet ropes and into the legendary nightclub. We felt like Andy or Liza or Bianca or maybe all three.

Inside, there were those who were around when “Studio” (as it was known) was the club and also night owls who weren’t even born when the club was the hottest spot in town. We saw Patrick McMullan, Cameron Diaz, Lance Bass, Brad Goreski, Amanda Lepore and former porn starlet Traci Lords (and we have the iPhone photo to prove that one!).

Studio 54’s decadent energy (they even recreated the cocaine sniffing moon over the dance floor) and shirtless bus boys will probably never happen again, but for one night, the disco denizens of 2011 got to make believe that they had just come from Halston’s modern town house and were ready to meet Liz Taylor at the bar by the bathroom for a stiff drink. Ah, disco day dreams.

The night left us wondering – if you were around at Studio 54, what was your favorite memory? Email it to us and we promise not to reveal your name (unless you want us to) and the best story gets a night out with The AvenueInsider at the closest thing to Studio 54 today: The Boom Boom Room.

Cue the disco anthem: “Everybody Dance.”

Thanks to Stefania Pia for the fabulous photograph.


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