Drena De Niro

Thursday, July 14, 2011
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Drena De Niro grew up living the Hollywood dream—in downtown New York—playing as a kid on film sets with her famous father, Robert De Niro. As with many celebrity offspring, gigs as a model, a DJ and an actor followed. After taking time off to be a mother, De Niro is back in the family business, this time as a producer getting ready to make a movie about one of the drug world’s most violent figures. Drena is definitely a chip off the De Niro block and she’s carrying on the family tradition. “I came from a really creative bunch of people,” De Niro says matter-of-factly of her super famous family. “My grandparents were painters, my mother is a great actress. So, to me, I didn’t really see things the way the public saw stuff. It was just a group of wonderfully crazy, talented people who love each other, and who are doing the best they can.” De Niro graces the cover of AVENUE’s April issue.

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