Femme Fatales

by Josefina Garcia Photographed by Heather Parry, Michelle Monaghan, Jane Krakowski
Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pixels, the upcoming movie by Happy Madison Productions, may be more of a boys’ story with all its arcade action, pixelated villains and mostly male roster of stars (including Adam Sandler and Kevin James), but the July 20 dinner, hosted by Zac Posen and Yahoo Style, was all about the film’s kick-ass ladies.

Co-stars Jane Krakowski, Michelle Monaghan and Martha Stewart (who has a small cameo) where in attendance, as well as a whole group of gorgeous guests, including Iman, June Ambrose, Liu Wen and Lena Hall.

The femme fatales, outfitted for the most part in Zac Posen, gathered in the basement of Midtown’s Upland restaurant, where the conversation ranged from favorite video games, to childhood memories, to fashion before executive producer and Happy Madison Productions head, Heather Parry, gave a toast that had the whole crowd cheering.

“This idea of tonight came about because I work at a frat house,” Parry said. “I love my brothers, but they are all going to New Hampshire to see NASCAR. I thought, ‘I have all my girls in New York…’ I have to say, this is the best Happy Madison has ever looked.”

We have to agree.


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