Ferragamo Launches ‘A Man’s Story’ In Celebration of the Brand’s 100th Year, With Douglas Booth, A$AP Rocky, Ryan McGinley and More

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

On December 1st, Ferragamo announced the launch of A Man’s Story, a dynamic menswear project by photographer and filmmaker Francesco Carrozzini under the creative direction of the brand’s Massimiliano Giornetti that brings founder Salvatore Ferragamo’s vision and conviction into the digital era.

Massimiliano Giornetti, Ferragamo’s Creative Director, had this to say about the project; “For a man to have a vision and the courage of his convictions is both noble and timeless, as relevant today as it was a century ago when Salvatore Ferragamo went out on a limb to launch his shoe-making business. Had he not have taken that risk, this brand that continues to grow and attract new generations may never have existed.”

In 1914, 16-year-old Salvatore Ferragamo emigrated from southern Italy to Boston, USA where one of his brothers was working in a boot factory. The industrialized setting was at odds with Salvatore’s vision and craftsman’s sensibility, so he convinced his brothers to follow him to California to create a made-to-measure shoemaking service. Within just five years it had become a beacon of luxury for Hollywood’s greatest stars, and the Ferragamo story was born.

100 years later, to celebrate this iconic moment in Ferragamo’s history and the man behind it, the brand launches A Man’s Story, an online project highlighting the notion of ‘making your own rules’. Through an intimate and compelling series of stories, told by an eclectic cast of contemporary men, Ferragamo’s luxury lifestyle collections are presented in new and surprising settings.

Filmmaker and photographer Francesco Carrozzini revealed his thoughts on the various men highlighted in this project; “From A$AP Rocky to Ryan McGinley what links these young men is their single-minded approach to life. They’ve not been afraid to make their own rules, even when it’s meant potential failure. That’s what makes them so inspiring, and the stories they’ve shared with us so compelling.”

Each story reveals a decision that led them to become the men they are today.

The cast of men includes actor Douglas Booth, musician A$AP Rocky, artist Ryan McGinley, sportsman Henrik Lundqvist, and entrepreneurs Tyrone Wood, Louis-Marie de Castelbajac, and Alexander Gilkes.


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